The wedding celebration of

Cati & Andy

6th & 7th May 2022
Vienna, Austria

the bride

Cati Jackson

the groom

Andy Canter

Andy C


Look at these handsome fellas

Miles D

Best Man

Miles Dickinson

Dom Gray

Dom Gray

adzy 1

Adam Whittaker

Michael Hayes 1

Michael Hayes


The gorgeous group of gals


Maid Of Honour

Sarah Chown

alex M 1

Alex Mckay


Vicky Kunz

Enni 1

Enni Pentti


Tanya Richard

Wedding weekend itinerary

Heuriger Evening


Friday 6th May, 2022


From 18:00 PM


Heuriger Wieninger,
Stammersdorfer Straße 78,
1210 Wien



Saturday 7th May 2022


To Be Confirmed...


Schlosskeller Bockfließ,
Schloßplatz 5,
2213 Bockfließ

Are you attending?

Please RSVP Before January 31st

Hotel Recommendations

To Be Updated...


Friday - The best way to get to Friday's venue is via tram. Tram 31 departs from Schottenring U-Bahn station and takes around 40 minutes.  If you'd prefer a door to door kind of service, then we can arrange a local taxi for you. 


Saturday - We will organise a bus to leave from Vienna city center to the venue. There will be transport available for the return journey once the knot has been tied. 

A Heuriger is an Austrian tavern where local winemakers serve their new wine. Renowned for their atmosphere and homecooked food, a Heuriger is the perfect place to kick things off. 

Friday - Authentic Austrian cuisine cooked by, you guessed it, Austrians. Buffet style, but with more class. 

Saturday - Proper sit down meal. Once again, Austrian cuisine. Come hungry. 

Why?!  You got somewhere better to be?


Friday - A strict bedtime curfew will be in effect from 11pm. 


Saturday -  Until someone requests Wonderwall or it hits 2am. 

For the past couple of years, the weather in Vienna on the 6th & 7th May has been ideal. Somewhere between 16°C - 25°C. 

Friday - Smart casual. Traditional Austrian outfits are welcome. The venue is both indoor and outdoor, so bring a jacket.


Saturday - It's a wedding. Wear a suit or a dress. The venue is both indoor and outdoor, so again, bring a jacket. 

Your presence alone is all the gift we need, but if you insist, Andy quite fancies a Tesla...